Kokanee Singers is an SATB or 4 part vocal ensemble created to give singers a chance to develop their voice through consistant singing and attentiojn to techniques brought to mind by director, voice teacher, and singer Paul Moore.  Ensemble is $100 per month and includes Tuesday practice as well as a Thursday noon practice that is used for technique and sight singing.


Our values and goals align to create a focus that allows us to visualize a sound that we wish to have.  Our sound creates a physical response that shows us our visual image is correct.


It is very similar to meditation and it is accomlished through breath - sound - image.

Our regular practice includes study of vowel modification, consonant placement, singing in different languages and how to count simple or complex rhythm yet still sing with legato line.

The Kokanee Singers sing in many different styles, this gives each singer flexibility and control over which sound image they favour and how this may change their physical approach to each sound.  One sound or style effects another in a positive way.

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